Monday, November 5, 2012

Rich White Chocolate Cookies - Vegetarian

Hurray, at last I tried a cookie that doesn't require baking!! :)
Simple and easy to do. Absolutely no baking  required at all!! 
Kids would simply love this. I loved it :))

·   600g White Chocolate (Cooking)
·   100g Mixed Fruits
·   100g  Almond Strips
·   10g Dried Blackcurrant
·   Handful of chocolate chips
·   Black cupcakes

1.  Firstly, fill the cupcakes with a few chocolate chips.
2.  After that melt white chocolate in low fire. Do not place on direct fire. Use bain Marie or water bath method.
3.  Once it is dissolved, (with fire still on slow) add almond strips, dried blackcurrant and mixed fruits.
4.  Keep stirring slowly for 1-2 minutes till ingredients are evenly coated.
5.  Then use a teaspoon to scoop mixture into chocolate chip filled cupcakes. (Do not off your stove, keep it in slow fire during this process to avoid hardening of batter)
6.  Leave to dry and store in cool dry space. 

Estimated : 80pcs

Bain Marie method : Place a large wok/cooking basin ½ filled with water. Let it boil. Slow the fire. Break the chocolate into several medium sized pieces. Place them in a smaller non-stick bowl and place it in the water filled wok/basin. Slowly stir the chocolate and let it melt in the basin. Fire should be small at all times. It takes a while to melt because of the non-direct heat and also slow fire. Using this method, it melts chocolates evenly and creamy.

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