Monday, November 5, 2012

Cornflakes Cookies - Vegetarian

Deepavali is hardly a week away. Although shopping and house cleaning was done, baking cookies is also a must for me. Started of with an easy to prepare cookie. Here is to share the recipe, hope it turns out well for you guys too.

I have posted 5 vegetarian cookies recipes here today. The ingredients have been tremendously mixed and match to my creativity. They all turned out well indeed. 

Baking involves lots of creativity. Therefore please feel free to use any types of fillings, shapes and coloured sprinkles. You can also choose to sprinkle castor sugars or desiccated coconut on the baked cookies while it is still hot. Some of you like coloured cookies, therefore you made add some colours (very little). There is no strict law when it comes to baking; at least that is what my opinion is. One should try to experiment as much as possible with baking.  Happy trying folks.

250g Cornflakes
20g Castor Sugar
5tbs Honey
3tbs Peanut Butter
100g Butter
A handful of chocolate rice for decoration purpose

1.Melt butter in a hot pan on small fire.
2. Then mix castor sugar, peanut butter and honey into butter.
3. Stir well till sugar is dissolved.
4. Do not boil this mixture. This is merely to dissolve the ingredients.

Add the mixture to cornflakes slowly and mix well. Scoop the batter to paper cups. Sprinkle some chocolate rice on it. Bake in preheated oven for 10mins, 160c-170c. Let it cool then place in airtight container.

Estimated: 100-130pcs


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