Monday, May 28, 2012

Night Jasmines

My garden's blooming with Jasmines. Smells good too.

Sleepily the silver moon peeped through curtain of clouds
Millions of stars twinkled like nobody's business to an unknown rhythm,
Sea of clouds hurdled in no direction hurriedly slowed their pace,
They all stood silent for a second, mesmerized and sedated.
Why and Why?, Why and Why?
Chilling breeze brought a drop, two dew
Why and why are they so magnificent?
The moon, the star and the cloud? 
Calm and quiet it was, pin drop silence. 
Sedative and sedated, deeper and deeper.
Scent that lingers all nite, pricks every hormone
Aromatic and sensual, Sexy and provocative.
Song that plays without an end
Butterflies of night chasing one after another 
Garden of romance it had turned to! 
Jasmines, my dear Jasmine
Would you all bloom more in nights to come?


  1. Like the words that flowed more and the flowers now for inspiring such words to flow... beautiful words!

  2. Thanks VST. Hope more of them bloom :)

  3. Beautiful lines and nice captures..:-)

  4. Equally beautiful flowers and poem.

  5. Homemaker, Magiceye and Rajesh, thanks for your comments. Keep visiting :).

  6. Love the flowers and a sweet poem...I am crazy about jasmines!

  7. Tq Bhavana and keep visiting. I love jasmines too ;)

  8. Inspiring! Innocent! Romantic! - thanks for sharing:)

  9. Thank you Sajeev :) Keep visiting.


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