Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May and May Not

I might the same rainbow you see but I may see the colours in reverse order!
I can hear the birds chirps but it is just that I may hear a different bird that you did!
I don't need a "YES" for everything but being reasonable is acceptable!
I can take "NO" for an answer but not excuses and more excuses. !
I will not accept "DON'T KNOW" for you need to have sense of responsibility!
I can accept your views but don't impose them on me when even you deviate!
I can walk with you, holding your hands but only next to you at the same pace!
Despite all the differences I could still move on with you because they are trivial
Petty, and solvable only if you too have the same commitment and sense of belonging!
Bottom line is, just don't take me for granted for you know I will bear everything!

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  1. Interesting! :) A message in general, or was it to a particular person?

    I esp. like the line "I can accept your views but don't impose them on me when even you deviate!" which seems to be true for a part of my life too..

  2. Good morning Leo, well let's keep it general. *wink*wink*
    Well, we all tend to talk rocket science but the most simplest gestures we fail to comply to!

  3. Oh by the way, thank for liking it and keep visiting. :)

  4. Interesting lines. Sounds like hidden message to someone.


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