Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This was the date it all started. Crazy! It's been years but I remember everything like just last nite! Those tormenting words and moments.The whole saga went on for a couple of years! On and on as though like there was no end to it.

Why did I kept quiet? Unusual for someone who argues and defends herself. I was as naked as a newborn, unable to defend myself. Only tears and hoping it would all end soon.

Now when I look back, I wonder how I managed such situation. In the first place why did I had to go through those painful words. It was not my fault!!! Not at all. Time heals I suppose but how much longer will it take?? I wonder, SIGH!!

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  1. It was such an honest writing, I could actually feel the pain. Time is a big healer but how long, this line brings out the pain in words...And also the way you said, being someone who argues, you were quiet.

  2. Thank Saru. I felt the pain too whilst penning it although been ages now. . At times we get tongue-tied because it involves our loved one!

  3. You sound sad dear. Take care and hope you come out of it.

  4. Thanks Anonymous and Jeeva. Appreciate your comments.


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