Friday, June 1, 2012

My Heart

Why are some dreams so real? Only thing is I can't remember much by now. But I can still feel how it made me feel. Wonderful. Euphoric. Your smile, it costs so much. It made the kids melts first then I too couldn't resist and fell for it! Why am I given so much to remember when you are not with me? Why didn't you take away everything with you and leave me without memories at all? At times, it's better that way. Some chapters erased, no matter how sweet they are. They were all sweet, indeed. Again, too much sweetness is no good for health. So real it was, I was actually talking to you. We had a conversation, the usual casual chat. You being you and me being just me.

Why did you had to go? Why alone? Why left me with these memories? What fault of mine was it? Why? Why? You thought I would be happier, but am I? Are you? Your yearning for me is so deep that I feel that my hearts been pulled away. It's so unfair to me.

I will visit you today, with your favourite flowers. I want to talk to you again. Lets sit at our usual BLM Jetty and talk. Just like how we used to, till the wee hours of the morning, till the last dew vanished and the first ray of sun touched us. With you, I don't need words, your shoulder to lean on lets my heart exchange words with your heart. Put your arm around me, you need not have words spoken.

You have taken my heart with you! What I have now is just an organ pumping blood to keep me alive. Just a life support. As I promised, it will happen naturally. and when the very moment it happens, I will seek your door immediately. Welcome me with your warmest hug!

"amarndhu paesum marangalin nizhalum
namadhu kadhaiyai kaalamum sollum
udhirndhu poana malarin vaasamaa..
thoodhu paesum kolusin oliyai
araigal muzhudhum aandugal sollum
udaindhu poana valaiyalin vannamaa..
ullangaiyial veppam saerkkum
viralgal undhan kaiyil
thoalil saaindhu kadhaigal paesa
namadhu vidhiyil illai
mudhal kanavu poadhumae kaadhalaa
kangal thirandhidu

paesi poana vaarthaigal ellaam

unadhu paechil kalandhae irukkum
ulagam azhiyum uruvam azhiyumaa..
paarthu poana paarvaigal ellaam
pagalum iravum unnudan irukkum
unadhu vizhigal ennai markkumaa..
thodarndhu vandha nizhalin bimbam
vandhu vandhu poagum
thiruttu poana thadayam irundhum
thirumbi varuvaen naanum
oru tharunam ennadaa kaadhalaa
unnul vaazhgiraen"


  1. You heart must accept another dear. Take a chance.

  2. Nicely written. Feels so real.


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