Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When an unknown man looks does it mean...??

I told mom to take her seat and got her registered at the specialist counter for her appointment. It was the usual hot afternoon with the usual scenario in the waiting area of a government hospital. Clearly that was an extended make-shift waiting area ,around 20x40, as the roof looked new and there was no wall at the end of the room. One can actually walk in and out of the room from there, which many did!  It was partially air-conditioned and had 4 ceiling fans on full swing. Albeit all that I perspired! Arrgghh...government hospitals!! What more can I ask for a specialist service which I pay only RM5.00!! 

Well, it was not that bad actually. The receptionists and nurses were really "working". They wasted no time in registering and calling patients to the respective room. Oh yeah, they were polite too :D. Something which I hardly saw prior to March 2008!! You get what I mean :p Penangites would know ;)

There were adequate chairs and the area was airy. Noisy of course and lots of pensioners. Why lots of pensioners? Hmmm why not when they are given all the benefits in the hospital as ex-government staff!! So was my mom, as the spouse of a former government staff. I thank GOD for that as I don't think one can afford many of this tests in private hospitals with the escalating prices! You get the same thing in government hospital, errrr...more or less but with longer waiting periods and you got to face some distasteful, dis-tactful nurses! 

My thoughts were disturbed or I shall say stolen by a pair of doe-eyes and a smiling lips at the front row. Err...I returned the smile and nodded but at the same time I ran a quick search in my mind's database whether I knew this guy. Well, I studied in BM and had lived in BM all my live, so it could be anyone. A fomer tuition mate, schoolmates brother, bus mate....err....well no chances of him being my schoolmate as I studied in Convent Primary and Secondary school!!  Hmm can't remember or more accurately, I don't know who he was. What I knew was that he was really good looking and looked cool in a T and jeans!. Immediately, I looked away and tried not looking at his direction. Took out a book and started reading it. Damn, only my eyes were running through the lines in the book but my mind was actually looking up, around for that pair of eyes!! Damn!! Arrghh somehow I felt he was looking at me. Lifted my head slowly and there he was, smiling again! He had this

Soon mom's name was called and had to wait in the specialist's waiting you get what I meant with government hospitals. Second waiting room, which was more smaller but certainly more comfortable and less crowded. More peaceful and calm. I saw the same pair of eyes in the same waiting room. There was more than a smile on his face. There was some kind of eagerness and basically with lots of questions! He sat right in front me. I blushed, who wouldn’t when a handsome man steals a look and smile! 
Suddenly he got up and walked towards me with a smile and eagerness on his face. What the heck?!! I froze! Mom’s around, so stop it!! “Could you please help me to fill up this form?”, was all that he said in Tamil. What??!! He wanted me to help him fill a form??!! Oh yeah, another problem with the government sectors here is that everything would be in Malay! The looks and the smiles were just to get me fill that damn medical form! He was new and was his first time at a government hospital! Obviously, he doesn’t read and write Malay as he was a foreigner! Speaks some acceptable amount of Malay though! Survival I guess!!

Well, helped him fill the form and explained to him what it was all about. Happy that I was able to help someone but embarrassed of myself for my own assumptions!! He he…Serves me right!! J

Oh man, how could I!! Embarrassed, but tried to hide it which I think I failed miserably! Just after we finished seeing doctor, on our way to car, mom had a sinister smile on her face and said, it only happens in movies. I burst into laughter immediately!!  I laughed at myself, for my own foolishness and assumptions.
Just before I dozed off last nite, I thought about the whole incident again and smiled myself to sleep!! :)  

Well, when an unknown man looks and smiles at a woman in a public place, moreover places like hospitals, it could mean anything but certainly not as what usually happens in movies or the Fair & Lovely advertisements :P!! 

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  1. Nice conclusion ? i mean it is hasty to conclude, to help out in case of strangers is dilemma good that you helped out a stranger

  2. Kinda liked the attention i got before he spoke to me but then reality spoils it all :P
    Ya, it feels good to help a stranger :)


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