Friday, March 25, 2011

Pangguni Uthiram 2011

Despite the heavy rain last Saturday, the "theru" (chariot) successfully completed it's destined route. It was the annual fire walking ceremony back at my hometown. Since it fell on a weekend, the crowd was more than usual. I was completely drenched and was shivering waiting for the "theru" so that I could offer my prayer's tray. Diligently, trying to balance myself at the road junction with one hand holding an umbrella and the other a prayer's tray. My saree pallu was drenched together with my feet and saree border. What seemed to be a lightweight saree became otherwise. HEAVY!! Somehow I enjoyed it, in saree, all wet! Hmmm scenes of many rain song clips ran in my mind. One after one. Wow, only thing was that, there was no "hero". I was all alone. Yet, my imagination went on and went. One song to another, hmm....

Well as mom was seriously battling not to get wet and me, lost in my own "romantic rain" world, something interesting took place. I would rather say, abruptly ended my imagination!! A little boy came up to us and asked us if we wanted to cross the road. His tiny voice was swallowed by noise of the heavy rain. He was perhaps 9 or 10 years old, he then came nearer and said, "follow me. I will help you both to cross the road". That was so sweet of him. Mom and I were really touched. I just smiled and told him that we were merely waiting for the chariot to come. Thanked him politely and told him to get shelter in a nearby "panthal" (refreshment stall). Poor thing, he was all wet himself yet offered to help us!! I couldn't resist but to turn and look at him as he walked to a nearby panthal.

There is still some kindness in this world I thought. Hmm.....

ps : Some snaps to share :)

Lunch served the traditional way ;)

Vegetarian briyani rice, sambar, pumpkin pacheri, mango pacheri and long beans

All set to pull the "theru"

Blooming business for the day

Getting the fire-walk pit ready for devotees to walk in evening

Sri Mangala Nayagi Amman Temple

The "Theru" amidst the heavy rain

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