Friday, March 11, 2011

Mother Earth Tired

The change

I thought it was just my feelings today as I looked at the unusual sea from the office. Although the waves were not fierce and was not overflowing to our office compound, nevertheless it looked strange. Strange I would say as, a bright and sunny day became moody and gloomy. And before we knew it was pouring like cats and dogs. Something deep inside just didn't talk well.

I don't know if it was a coincident of the strange feelings I had and the tsunami that striked Japan 2hours ago. Now, Malaysia is also put on alert along with several other countries. Maybe the east coast would be affected! But sincerely I hope it all stops with the tsunami in Japan!! No where else!!

Perhaps this is the way mother earth shows her anger. Her pay back time for all the ill things human kind did to her! Her way of saying, she cant take it all anymore! Perhaps she is tired. Just too tired of protection mankind even after all those ill-treatments on her! Maybe she wants her pain to be heard and sympatized. Perhaps so! Perhaps so!

God Bless the Earth!!! 

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