Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm sorry kitten

What seemed like the usual morning turned out to be a traumatic one for me!! It was purely an accident! No person in his right mind would want to do something like that!! I ran over my kitten this morning while reversing. The sight, was so pitiful that I almost fainted! Dad just told me to leave and he would handle it!

Should I blame myself for this? Should I have checked my car before reversing it?

I was practically crying throughout my journey to work! That's like 1 hour of sobbing in the car and being watched by strangers at various stops!! I didn't care! All that mattered at that time was I needed to take it all out from me! I wanted to get rid of the guilt! And I still remember how the poor little kitten was panting and bleeding profusely while it's mother licked it's half lifeless body!! What a sin I added to my karma this morning!!

The more I think about it, the more the tears tend to overflow!! I am sorry kitten!! I know I took your poor kitten away from you! That look on your face, I can never forget! And the painful "MEOW" from your kitten, sent shivers down my spine!!

I pray your soul departs your body without much pain!! I am sorry and may your soul rest in peace! :((


  1. It is a painful incident indeed.

  2. dont penalise urself... as it jst happnd.. it was an incident, no intention was behind it!!!
    U can do 1 thing in future if u c any creature suffering from any type of disease/accident, u will help them out...
    Nw Cm'on Stay cool...

  3. It is really sad to know this Ranjini.. take peace... and yes I agree with Mr. Stranger (aka Deepak) partner that you can help any creature from suffering and see if you can heal those wounds... It is really painful to see even more when you pet is as much as your family.. let its soul RIP.

  4. Deepak and Hemal,thanks for your supportive words. Talking to you guys today really made a difference. Thanks!!

  5. Very sad incidence indeed. But the life rolls on.
    Time is the best healer.

  6. True Pramod ji....time heals and conquers all....

  7. A really touching incident!! My heart really goes out to the kitten's mother.. And to you as well for being so deeply moved by something that some of us might consider too trivial to be bothered with!!! There are certain things in life that we can never control and this is one of them!
    And like I believe, God needs good souls up there and thats why certain good beings have to depart early!!!
    really nice of you to blog bout this... May the kitten's soul rest in peace!!!

  8. Shri, it was our cat's kittens. There were two of them; a white and a black, and barely two months old. I hit the black one! Life is fragile, I realized then. Thanks for your support.


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