Thursday, March 3, 2011


Why does my eyes look away when you are around
but searches for you beyond the horizon in your absence?

Why do I make you believe that I am strong
but deep inside I need you very much?

Why do I hide my tears from you
but long for your consoling shoulders?

Why do I pretend not to listen to you
but secretly I listen to your voice mails again and again?

Why do I hurl sarcasm to you in person 
but such loving words I utter looking at you in distance?

Why do I force to free myself from your embrace
but quietly I wish I could feel the warmth longer?

Why do I push you away when our lips meet
but kiss your photo passionately so real?

Why do I scorn at your romantic advances
but the flame in me burns badly to make love with you?

Why have I built a colossal wall around me
but in reality I want to bridge the gap between us?

Why? Why? Why?
Why can't I be real to you?

Why do I let my super ego to control my feelings for you?

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  1. hi Kranjini!

    If one really loves someone, then ego doesnot exist there... no matter what.

    One should be real and be vulnerable in love... it's worth it....

    take care and enjoy the serenity of silence :)


  2. Thanks Restless....You too enjoy your silence ;)

  3. This is a really nice poem Ranjini.. I like the way you have taken the flow from romance to rejection... you knw when women behave this way to their men, the men feel a sense of rejection which affects their behavior. appreciate a man surely, he will do that back!

  4. I see you have built on your older poem.. Well what can i say about Mr. Ego.. Isnt he the one who makes all of us behave like this...
    May be the fear of being scorned by the one who matters for this weakness that makes us hide the real I for a stronger ME

  5. Hemal - Romance to Rejection but dying for real romance...ha ha that's what a relationship with ego is! Appreciate each other is the key to a healthy relationship :))
    Shri - I like the way you put it, "The real I for a stronger ME". Mr/Ms Ego is the boggest devil in a relationship.

  6. Thanks.. good comments are always inspired by works of art!! So the credit goes to you as well!!

  7. Most of the time Ego take away our beautiful relationships from us. May be Ego wins at that time but the truth is we defeated. Our little knowledge and little appreciation from others make us Strong Mr/Ms Ego. After some time knowledge directs our life not heart.

  8. How are you Kamal? Just yesterday I thought about our friendship. At times keeping quiet is also better. Cos, when we talk we might say the wrong thing and hurt the other! Thanks buddy, for going thru my blog and giving it a piece of your mind.

  9. All is know is that 'real love is free from ego, jealousy and all other negative emotions' . but The fact is tht real love doesnt last long..these emotions do get the better of us..maybe its a phase that u r passing thru and then it will all be fine :)
    well penned poem!


  10. Just pasting this comment here from N-Zine which I got yesterday for this poem. Indeed I felt weird in the beginning but it moved me when I finally realized my words brought changes to a couple. An unknown couple to me, somewhere so far. Mugheez, thank you too.

    October 30, 2011 2:35 PM

    you helped my heart understand my wife message.... thank you ! I believe she still loves me.

    You helped me cry silently in my room..... thank you ! I believe no one seen my tears

    You helped us communicate after a long time... thank you ! I believe we will meet again !

    Thank you for this ! Thank you ....""


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