Tuesday, March 8, 2011

73 to 67 - CHANGE!!

Ok, it works. Finally there had beena change. CHANGE!! I had been kinda curious of my IndiRank for the past few months as it stood still at 73!! I didn't increase neither decrease, and that really made me curious. No matter what I did, how active I got. It never went beyond 73. Not even to 74!! But my Indimates have been bickering about the increase in their IndiRanks! How could it be.

Have I not been active enough? Or the worst that caught me was, have I been stagnant in my post! It doesn't actually matter even if it dropped. As long as there is a change! No change means I am stagnant. And being stagnant means, I am dead.!! Change is the only change in this world!! I live by that rule!!

This month, I got my IndiRank and it dropped to 63! Well, I am not really worried about it cos there is a change. Somehow this could be due to a few factors, well only one actually. Ultimately, I had been terribly busy last month and had about only 3 posts!! Ya, only 3 posts for February 2011. That is scary.

But what puzzled me was that when I was active. Over active, still I stood at 73! So  how does this system actually work? What is the mechanism that I should watch and what is the barrometre that is used to scale the blogs? I don't know. Seriously, I can't figure it out.

One thing I am thankful now is, pheww there had been a change. Well, as I said, it doesn't matter even if it dropped. I hate life without changes! Afterall life is a box of chocolate!! You never know what you gonna get next! ;)


  1. haha, so finally you got the change you were looking for.. albeit negative.. but i like the spirit. change is a change.

    you can observer your posting patterns and how much your blog is linked from different websites in the world. Am sure you will now surpass the 73!

  2. Yes Hemal, change is necessary. The same rank really made me restless...ha ha... Lets see what it would be next month :)

  3. I like that.. change is necessary.. and inevitable anyways!!! Am sure you'll go past 67 next time.. and may be even 74!!! After all who can resist a Box full of 100% chocolates!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks Shri. This is a box full of 100% chocolates saturated with LoVe. ;) Everyone can have a piece :))


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