Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcoming the Year of Rabbit

It is time to bid good-bye to the year of Tiger and welcome the year of Rabbit. The roads were extremely clear this morning. What would usually take1 hour, took just 30 mins this morning to reach office. And how I wish it is like this daily :) I am sure most people have "balik kampung", hence the clear roads. Afterall it is Makan Besar (Reunion Dinner) tonight!

More interesting is that we would get to watch fireworks display all over. Dark skies are gonna brightly lit with beautiful patterns and colors at the stroke of midnite. A believe by the Chinese community at welcoming their new year.

Lanterns, rabbit arches and Sakura flowers are spotted at every corner of the city. Being a Malaysian, every festival is special regardless of race and religion. Can't wait to taste "kuih kapit" and "kuih bakul". A must for the new year.

Finaly, for others who would be traveling, please drive carefully. Get enough rest before you embark on your "balik kampung" journey. If you are tired, stop at designated R&Rs, take rest and then continue your journey. Think of your loved ones. Don't let them greet you with tears of sorrow, instead let them greet your with tears of joy. Drive safe and keep to the speed limit.

Here is to share some photos around Georgetown Penang. All geared up for Chinese New Year.

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  1. Time to ring out the old and ring in the new!!! So when are you on your "balik kampung"? and why are "kuih kapit" called so.. if i'm getting the translation correct?
    Cheers.. enjoy the festival!!


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