Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodbye Janaury 2011

Wow! That was fast! January has come to an end and tomorrow would be February 1 2011. 
Time sure flies.Things and people change in due time!
The past is still fresh in my mind, lingers like smell of fresh jasmine. 
Some memories are so strong that I tend to trip and fall at it!! 
The present walks with me, like a shadow at mid-day! 
I know I have a guardian with me in that form! 
And the future, hmmm too many in my mind so I decide I would be one thing at a time. 
End of the day, life is no different then an elusive butterfly!!
Everything happens super-fast and in no time too much is left as memories. 
Todays happenings would become tomorrows memories!
And tomorrow would be the day spoken of today!
Good bye January 2011!! 

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  1. Yeah.. time sure flies.. and as far as past, present and future are concerned, here's a nice something for you:

    Yesterday's history,
    Tomorrow's a Mystery,
    Today's a gift and that's why
    it's called PRESENT!!!

    Cheers on another wonderful post!!


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