Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Post V-Day's Comments ;)

 Finally, I am able to scribble a post in my blog after a long absence. Hey, not AWOL though! Just that work had taken a new turn and made me spend more time struggling thre then have time for anything at all besides it!

Let's see, CNY is over, so is Valentine's Day. V-Day came and went off just like that for me. The whole day I was stuck in one meeting after another. Didn't have much time to even think about it or even to wish anyone. Somehow, before the day ended I managed to post wishes to some of my good buddies via FB! Thank GOD for FB! If not for FB I would have lost lots of poeple in my life and they would have just remained a name in my life!

So I can actually conclude that my date on V-Day was none other than FB! And thank God for that too cos :-
a) No arguments
b) No conflict of interests
c) No tears
d) I get what I wanted
e)If I needed second opinion, I could bug those who were online at that time!
g) I could flirt with multiple people without being caught..and don't feel guilty about it ;)
h) I got E-Roses, which I could admire and not worry about the sentimental values of it, storage ;)
i) I got E-Chocolates and again I could have all I want and not worry about the calories ;)

Hmmmm reality is, a real human touch certainly makes a difference ;) Ok, I am not saying anything....LOL.....


  1. Welcome back Ranj!!! My experience ditto for V-day.. one meeting after another... But then you have a completely positive outlook towards this!! Me likes!!! So what say.. wud ya prefer a completely virtual life???

  2. Thanks Shri. Looks like we had similar kinda V-day. Positive outlook, yeah, as the saying goes "If you have not what you like then it's better to like what you have"!! Hmmm well virtual is fine but again nothing comes close and warm to human touch ;) LoL....

  3. hehe thats a nice idea.. plus having a positive outlook.. supakewl!!

    "I could flirt with multiple people without being caught..and don't feel guilty about it ;)"

    hmm seems you had a lovely time?


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