Friday, January 28, 2011

Journey or a Destination?

Can I call it a journey? Just as some do? 
Or like others say, life is a destination?
Journey perhaps it is but a destination? 
I doubt! Nah, nope, can't be!
At least that's how I feel.
Why so? Hmmm........Well....
If life is a destiantion,
Then why none reaches the destination? 
If life is a destination, 
Then why none completes it? 
If death is the destination, 
Then is that all the ultimatum travel is all about? 

Life is perhaps the best journey,
Free of charge but come is a package.
A package of experiences!
Laughter, cheer, tear, smile, frown!
It is a journey, 
that's never on a smooth road.
Sometimes bumpy, sometimes full of potholes,
Sometimes you got to stop at traffic lights,
Sometimes you get green all the way :)
Sometimes you want to stop and breath,
Sometimes and sometimes...!
A journey where you come across junctions,
Sometimes roundabouts...
Sometimes T-junction and crossroads too!!  
Life is a one time journey so just seat back
And take one thing at a time!
Enjoy the ride and have a box of chocolates with you!


  1. A package of experiences!
    Laughter, cheer, smile, frown or tear!!

    mmmm.. so tru.. journey or destination.. cant say.. we strive to get something.. getting up everyday to tread towards that one particular goal.. so a journey... then there are times when we live life like there's no tomorrow.. dance like no one is watching.. so a destination!!

    Well for me its a journey.. where I travel on and on.. and at times hit the same car again and again :P

  2. Ha ha...yeah, hit on the same car again and again ;)...As long as no bad damage is done ;) Thanks for the comments Shri.


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