Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ninaivugal Nenjinil

"Ennei Enneke Pidikavillai, Karanam kethal teriyavillai!". This sentence had crossed my mind countless times at one point of time in my life. There are painful occasions in my life which I can neither forget, let go nor talk about. Never the less, I just smile at it, rub it of my shoulders and walk on. 

This man turned to liquor to forget his "love"!! Although, it is a man who is potrayed in this song, but there are many females out there who share the same pain. 

To me life simply has to goes on no matter what and there are many other reasons to look forward. It is ok to fall but how quick you grab life back and stand up is what matters!! 

ps : Thanks to Director Cheran for a wonderful movie and amazing flash-backs! Hats of Cheran!! This movie "Autograph" is very significant in my life. I felt like watching my life on screen, sort of till now at least!!

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