Friday, September 17, 2010


It has been a damn busy week (ladies and only ladies)  and finally it's FRIDAY. 
Well, really wanted to write a poem but with the AC blasting full-force; my brain is frozen and my fingers are too numb. Just came up with something crazy!!

F = Friday here you come
R = Roaring and ambushing
I = Incalculably mass enjoyment
D = Day to night, never-ending
A = All actions start right after 5.30pm!
Y = Yours truly will be freaking out again!! ;)


  1. Nothing short of a poem this one. And agreed.. Friday 5pm is the most probable time 4 any emergency

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  3. hrikant, thanks and who wouldn't look forward to Friday evenings ;)

  4. Very apt. Yes, friday is the much-awaited day.

  5. Well said Sh@s! Tomorrow is yet another Friday!!


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