Friday, September 3, 2010

My handkerchief!!!

Hot, you say buddy?
Sweating out beads of pearls?
Here take my handkerchief

Need not return it

For it’s meant to be a souvenir.
Do not be rough with it
You never know the pain I feel
Gently use it whenever needed
Treat it as it were my hands
Imagine the touch; sensual of it
Imagine me beside you caressing  
More humid nights shall come
Let my handkerchief accompany you
Constantly reminding you of me
A virtual gift from me
Who is miles away..
Fold it carefully when not in use
Use it wisely for none ever got my handkerchief!!


  1. quite a poet u r, arent u ? :) .. Very nice post.....

  2. Thanks for the comments guys...Have a great day!!


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