Monday, September 6, 2010

My New IndiRank

"Wow!". That was my first expression over my IndiRank for this month. This is the first time my blog went above 50. Even since I registered my blog with IndiBloggers, my rank had never went beyond 50/100!! Past few months or almost a year it had been stagnant at 50/100. I was lucky that it didn't dip any lower than that then!! "Phew!"

Last month, I had actually put in a lot of effort in blogging and updating my blog especially!! Had added some features and feeds to my blog. Indeed, those helped in a way in pushing my rank higher.Effort pays. No pain, no gain. Damn, how true. God knows how many sleepless nights and how much I bugged people around me to read my posts!! He he... All well paid now!!

Oh yeah, for your information - my new IndiRank is 67/100!! That's a big leap for me. Now, the difficult part is to maintain this rank, at least. My dream, I would try to touch 70 this month or even more. 

Finally, I got to thank my fellow bloggers and readers for their endless support and guidance!! Thank you guys!! 

Till then I got to keep blogging and bugging!!


  1. congrats on the rank upgrade..but why are your widgets in ur blog..scattered? it some strategy for indirank?

  2. Hey Unknown, thanks. Scattered widgets are not strategies. It just happened to be so ;)


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