Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Memories of Him

Old memories gushed to my mind
So wild that I felt it mocking at me
Some of those I have always wished
Never ever to be remembered again
Alas! What can I do to keep it away?
Sweet, happy ones made me smile
Bad, groggy ones made me wonder
Wonder alone in amazement, why?
Whatever! Let it be a lesson
Lesson learnt the hard way
I loved him with all my heart
Trusted him to be my shadow
I pity upon myself, sympathize too
I tried to not hate him so much
That’s what he sowed in me
He has reaped all love in me
Deeply planted seeds of hatred instead!
Why should I care, bother anymore?
When the one I loved most failed to do so!
What else do I believe in? Who else to trust?
When everything he did was fake.
Hence the one and only one
In my entire life was him
Only him and nobody else
So how can I ever forget?
Even if I try to? Really hard!
Those memories are here to stay
To haunt me forever…………
Stuck in my memory bank
Like a piece of cancer cell!!!!

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