Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Say It With Flowers

Ever had hard time in selecting the suitable flower for your someone ‘special’? How about nightmares on how to express your feelings to that special one? Need not worry now. Here are a few tips on how flowers presented can take on special meaning. Don’t get surprised!!

Interpretation of a single rose is “LOVE”, while two and three roses signify “ONLY YOU WHOM I LOVE” and “I LOVE YOU” respectively. Five roses means “I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH”; six “UNFADING LOVE”; eight “DARLING WE WILL ALWAYS BE HAPPY”; nine “EVERLASTING LOVE”; 11 roses “YOU ARE THE ONE I LOVE MOST”; 12 “I LOVE YOU EVERY SECOND” and 24 roses signify “LOVE YOU MORE EACH DAY” as 24 roses is equivalent to 24 hours.

Colors to have their own significance – red roses mean STRONG LOVE; pink TENDER LOVE; white PURE LOVE; yellow, FRIENDLY LOVE; and yellow with pink tinge; WOULD YOU BE MY DARLING?

The common substitute for rose is the Madonna Lily. Lilum a white long-stalked flower is viewed as “PURE AND CLASSY”. Another substitute could be the Yellow Dancing Ladies, hybrid of the Orchid family. Baby’s Breath which is short lived is added to express “ LITTLE LITTLE BITS OF LOVE”. Secret admirers should opt for Sunflower.

Don’t hesitate to try. It worked for me and everything is going smoothly. Next time you receive flowers, check out what the sender is trying to say. So, all the best.

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