Friday, August 20, 2010

Life and Man!

Man comes into this world,
Against all his wills and wishes,
Here he is misjudged and misunderstood.
In infancy he is an angel,
In boyhood he becomes a little devil,
And in manhood he becomes the greatest fool!

If he's married, he's old and chump,
If he's a bachelor, he's young and cute,
If he's rich, he has all the luck,
If he's poor he has no brains,
If he enters a pub, he's a miser.
If he's friendly, he's a womaniser,
If he's reserved, he's an anti-social,
If he speaks a lot, he's an arrogant bastard who knows-it-all,
If he is quiet, he's a bloody snub,
If he goes to temple, he's holy,
If he stays away, he'd a sinful man,
If he gives to charity, he's an advertisement,
If he does not, he's a stingy bugger!

When he comes into the world
Everyone wants to kiss and cuddle him.
But before he goes, for one last time
Everyone wants the chance to kick his ass off!!

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