Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For Such A Time As This.............

For such a time as this.....

I need love
because I have so many reasons to hate.

I need to be kind
because life can be so cruel.

I need to be brave
because I can see my dreams crumbling.

I need to have faith
because my future is such a profound blank.

I need to get interested
because the world is getting to look hazy and unreal.

I need to intercede
because my own problems are closing in on me.

I need to build
because I am breaking apart.

I need a friend
because only a friend could take me through!


  1. Really a nice poem Ranjini.. cute..

    I guess this poem more than a friend, suits for someone who is into love.. do you see that?

  2. you need to work on your template girl... comments are not visible...

  3. Thanks Hemal, this poem could be for both: friend and love. High chances for friends to fall in love ;)

    And yes, got to change the template. Tell me how do i change the font colour of the comment as i want to maintain the black background!!


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