Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New found and lost friend

A new friend found not too long ago
Request of friendship from the other side.
Acceptance of friendship from my side
Bloomed a short span of friendship.
Path seemed calm and quite, occasionaly teasing
Yet communicating with friend was warm.
Friend came close to mind and heart
Yet too short a time to actually come any closer!!
One morning new found friend went missing!!
What seemed life a beautiful journey ended abruptly!!
An elusive butterfly it was, landed temporarily
On lifes rough surface, spirinkled some magic.
Tried locating but FAILED..One short mail came instead
Shutting down for a while was the message..
Cannot for a life of mine understand it. never tried too.
Just like the fullmoon that hides behind thick clouds, I guess.
Guess they are just like that....come and go...
Well, nothing to miss, nothing to please.
Nothing to ponder, nothing to wonder.
Life goes on with some memories which
Will all soon vanish with passing time.
New friendships will again come along,
Again it will land life an elusive butterfly.
Again, another sprinkle of magic would be left!!


  1. Beautiful poem poured in and crafted with your emotions !

  2. Thank you Uma. It was about a friend who came and went just like that ;)


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