Thursday, July 15, 2010

Can't believe it happened to me....aahhh

Just like every other day, I was out for lunch with my two lunch buddies. As usual, we will only discuss where to go once we are on the road. Geetha, suggested Market Street and all of us actually agreed without much hesitation.

Lunch conversation was about marriage. As usual, I was yakking away about the silly mappilais who came and went. How choosy they can be and how choosy I can be too ;) **evil grin** he he.. Why not, I have a say in this matter as it is going to be my future. SIGH...

Weather was good, food was alright, in fact we managed to find a parking lot quite easily. Everything seemed so perfect today. One of those hassle free days.

Just as we got back to Gom's car (yeah, she drove today). "zaaaappp" yes, my zip gave way. The zip on my punjabi suit gave way. I could feel the air-cond on my bare flesh and that was a real big opening behind me. My back was practically exposed....yes, you read it correct - my back was EXPOSED!!! Need I say more? Yes, my undergarment was visible from back!!

Boy, I was terribly nervous that I couldn't talk anything anymore. Goms and Geetha realised my silence and I was bombarded with "why are you so quiet and you look disturbed". They thought I was sad after the marriage issue discussion. Well, I had never been sad for not settling down!! That is for sure.

Finally, told them what actually happened!! Geetha, tried very hard to fix my zip but it had to be replaced. Thank God, we were at Little India. Gom's drove me to the nearest tailor shop. Luckilly, I got it fixed within 10minutes. Hhhmmm had to wait in the changing room without my tops and I was shivering cold as the AC was directly above me!!! Guess what, the backgound song played in Sun Music at that time was - Mandram Vanthe Thendral, Mauna Raagam!!

What a song for that situation!!! Enna kodumei sarr ithe. Geetha was having a good laugh outside the room. I could hear her giggle. Hmm..she even thanked me as she got to see my bare back!! Kodumei...kodumei..kodumei....

At last, we walked back to the car laughing and giggling hysterically. One must have wondered what amused us. Thank God, alls well ended well.

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