Monday, July 5, 2010

Back from holiday....

Five long days passed so swiftly right under my nose. Time just flies when you are having fun isn't it. That was what exactly happened to me. Last weekend was nothing but a bundle of joy and happy outings. Not happy hours though...he he...Well, of course "kuch kuch" gals time out took place.

Since it had been sometime since my best buddy and I met, we decided to make the most this time. We hanged out at our favourite coffee place-San Francisco Coffee. They usually have this buy 1 free 1 offers in the afternoon. To finish that large Ice Blended Mocha Coffee with Cream will take us hours. It is not about just finishing it but it is more to "lepaking" at the sofa in the outlet and chit-chatting. This is when we usually catch up with the latest happenings around us. Updating on each others life and then plan for future outings. And yes, Kota Kinabalu is for sure our holiday destination next March!!

Then of course we were also bitten by the World Cup bug. Watching matches after matches were just too much fun. I am an ardent supporter of Brazil but Lalitha is just the opposite. It was a shame to see Brazil lose so badly. With an own goal and the same player was sent off with a red card for an offence! Darn. That nite was a heartache.
But the next day was pay back time when Germany won the match in great style. They trashed Argentina 4-0. No mercy this time. Thank GOD, the world is saved from watching Diego Maradona running naked....ha ha....Oh no, if only Argentina had won then woo hoo the world would have had to watch that man naked. Eeeyeeww...yuck...Well, that was Lalitha's heartache moments, to see Argentina lose. ha ha...MESSI was just to MESSY..and KLOSE got CLOSE(R) to finals (photo on right, all dolled up for Germany match).
Well, Germany trash the Spaniards next!!

Oh yeah, in between our hectic schedule we managed to visit two temples. Both Amman temples, one of it is deemed as Malaysia's largest temple. It looked very much like those temples in Tamilnadu. To me, it bear resemblance to the great Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple! The gopurams especially. It was just so beautiful!! Of course this temple is still so much smaller than Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple. Probably 1/10 the size of Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple. (photo on left)

This temple is located in Puchong and is very new. I don't have much information about this temple. Got to google it.

Hmm so much activities in such little time. It was all fun and tiring of course. Today, I am back to office. Work as usual, blog as usual and then gym as usual. Got to hit the gym today and shed those kilos. I already doing a great job on that part and not going to give up now!

Tomorrow is going to be another day. Another agenda. More blogs and buggings from me...he he lolz!

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