Friday, October 2, 2009

Beautiful morning....

SMILE! That was how I got up this morning. I smiled, I was happy. I got up feeling very happy.

I felt a burst of happines in me as though a thousand butterflies fluttering....mmm like hundreds of fireworks in the dark a million flowers in a more can I explain my happiness? I heard Illayaraja's
background music - Punnagai Mannan's theme music!!! Well, he is still the best to me!!

No, I did not strike a lottery. Ahh ahh definitely not a pay hike neither promotion...but it was merely my thoughts.

The thoughts of good old memories came to my mind last nite. Things that I did for the last 8 years. My old friends, some good times spent together. Happy, sad, joy, pain, shocking moments that were real kodak moments of my life. Some real breathtaking moments! Thank God, I had those moments in my life, otherwise I would have missed it all. I wouldn't have known how it feels like! What a waste it would have been! ha ha ha mmmmm well it was good, really good and nothing to regret! Certainly not.!!

My night was brightly lit by neon colours of life! Every single thing I thought of became alive.

I must thank a friend for such thoughts and particularly the happy feeling I got up with this morning. Probably talking about certain things...sharing some old guilt feelings helped me. Not guilt actually but just to share to check and balance that I am also normal!
Now at least I know that whatever endured was a normal stuff....Ha ha sharing of guilt which later on gives so much pleasure!! Immense pleasure and joy and well, whatever that was to have stopped now tries to resurface. It is again a battle between the mind and the heart! As long as the mind rules, all will be merely wishful thoughts but when the heart over rules,....need I say more! Things are back to square one! Friend, you made me ponder too much and see things from a wider angle now! ;)

We all need a friend as such. Someone who listens and who keeps the secrets.Someone who isn't a hypocrite. Someone whom we can count on to pour our hearts contents!! Someone who admits doings things which we dare not even ask!!

So people, talk! It really helps alot and keeps your sanity level healthy ;)!

Tonite, although I know I will not have the same thoughts again but I know at least I would not goto bed sour! I will still be smiling.

Happy weekend......!!


  1. babe, thanks...and that was cute to post a comment using my own name ;)
    real criminal-lah you...LOLZ....

  2. I liked this post. A good friend is invaluable, and there is nothing like getting bad feelings off your heart - also nothing like waking up happy.

    On a side note though, would you consider changing the colors of your blog? Personally I find them very jarring and bad on the eyes...

  3. Hey Sakhi, thanks for your compliments. Would consider your suggestion as I am in the midst of making some changes.


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