Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Why? Why? Why?
What a morning it was, first it started raining heavilly. Then, I had to bump into a familiar "car"....WHY???????

I think at times, most times I should say, our thoughts play a big role in our lives. This was indeed very true this morning, as what happened to me! I saw this car that was a very familiar model,which was infront of me and my thoughts started fantazising, "what if that car belongs to that someone?"..."is it the same number plate?"..."is that person in the car?".... and so on....

Just as I moved a little closer, to my horror it was the same old car that I knew so much of!!! Urrgghh...wat a life....wat a thought.....I was taken aback for a moment then I braved myself to overtake the car and stole a quick glance to my left to see who the driver was. There was so much tension and I was actually feeling dizzy already by then!! The whole episode lasted only for about probably less than 10minutes but that was the longest 10minutes of my life!
It was the same car, the same old car which I had known very well but the driver was someonelse..but what happened to the original owner? Anyway, I had a thousand questions of that incident in my mind which I need not have.

I was glad in a way that I didn't bump into that someone! Somehow, another part of me was a little dissappointed that I didn't bumped into that person! The incident this morning, flashed a thousand memories to my mind!!

"Ullam thedathey endre sollethey, Enna aannallum kaan theduthey!!"...

Such was the conflict between my heart and mind this morning! What more can I ask for!!????

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