Monday, October 5, 2009

Kutty's Kutties

Kutty is our pet cat. She was barely 2 months old when we took it home to care for. It was after a flash flood in August 2007 that we had to care for the cat. She almost died in that flood. Somehow, she must have been really lucky that day as we noticed her at the edge of our neighbours pavement which was just inches from flood.

Poor thing, she was cold and shiverring. Within minutes she would have just drowned or froze to death! It was no easy task as I remember I had to wade through knee deep flood water to get to her. As I almost reached her, she just jumped into the water in fear. It was a mess!!

She was obviously scared and having lost her mom, she was unprotected. She didn't know how what was happening around her. Somehow I managed to grab hold of her with one hand and the other was holding to the fence to support myself. She was terrified and started scratching me. I was mad! Really mad! Hold her tight and took her to the house.

And that was it! She had been part of our family since then. We didn't know what to call her and since she was just a kitten we called her "Kutty". "Kutty" means small..little....

Now, she had grown up to to be a healthy cat. Last year she had her first pair of kittens, they are also our pet now. We no don't have specific names for them but they respond well to the name "Kutty". And now our Kutty had become a proud mother of two again.! They are just a month old.

One of her kittens almost dies last saturdays. She had fallen into the huge drain next to my house. She must have been there for an hour or so! It rained heavilly and the drain was 1/2 full. This poor thing was clinging to the wall of the river with and her poor voice for help was drowned by the noice of the heavy rain. But kutty was smart! She managed to get our attention to her kitten.

Again, it was me. I had to balance myself between the huge drain now to get her out!! Well, the kitten is fine now. All that is well, ended well!!

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