Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family Gathering...Hard to believe...

Last weekend was a blast. My uncle came down from UK with his family. His three kids were just so adorable!! They were not only well behaved but were able to mix around well although we are like complete strangers to them.

Why I mentioned, I can't believe we had the gathering was because it had been many many years since my uncle brought his family to my house. He had always been on short business trips and this time it was really quality time with his family.

The most happiest of all was my mom. It was like a period for the sister and brother to foster their relationship again after many quiet years in between. Well, life is short and what goes around will always come around.

Eventually, we can't runaway too long from something. We have to face it one day. That was what happened last weekend.

Truly it was a great weekend as I was happy for my mom. And my dad, the most understanding man in the world, accepts everthing with a smile. He is one person who can easilly make friends with anyone and strike a conversation. Although my dad doesn't drink, that did not deter my uncles and cousins from having drinking sessions.

My aunt getting those cempedaks ready for frying....yummy....

Hot fried cempedak was served to them. Complimentary of my dad!! Now you see why I said he is the most understanding man!! lol ;)

I hope this remains and relationships are important part of human lives. Life is too short to be fussy on little things. !!

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