Monday, August 10, 2009 I come.....

Looks like I hadn’t had the time to start blogging in August. It had been 10 days now and nothing for the month of August though I started the month of August quite happening. Workshops and meetings have taken much of my time and going home late had become a trend for the past few months.

By the time I reach home, which is usually after 8pm, I am too tired to do anything. Usually I have my dinner, do some reading and hit the sack by 10pm. Then the cycle continues for the rest of the day till Saturday. Even the past few weekends I was occupied by outings and family functions.

This weekend I will be busy packing for my holiday and certainly I will need to do some last minute purchasing. I haven’t bought any souvenirs or even the wedding gift is not ready yet. Somehow, I need to get all this done by this weekend. So here goes my weekend.

Although I enjoy the fast paced life but it worries me a little. Sometimes I am just afraid that I might miss certain things in the midst of all these. I do not want to miss those beautiful little things in life like watching the sea from my office, looking at small kids collecting seashell or even watch the rainfall. Life is just too short not to observe these wonders.

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