Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Never take things for granted....

A call I got today almost turn my life upside down. It really put me in a dillema and critical situation. Too many things ran in my mind. In between that I am bogged with other things as well.

I told myself to be rationale, took a deep breathe and told myself that I will take another test tomorrow. A well prepared one. Off course the outcome still bugs me but I should look at the brighter side as just another test taken in June gave a better picture as I did it properly.

I am partly to be blamed for the recent test outcome. I took it for granted. Hell, yes I did. I really took it for granted depending on the first test's results. Oh yes, and I was extremely over confident! It paid me well now.

So tomorrow, I am going again with confidence but with better preparation. No more taking things for grantes. I learnt my lessson and it's bitter.

Never take anything in like for granted. It can turn your life upside down. To have hope, confidence and faith is certainly alright but keep it in limit. Nothing is indipensible!

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