Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Langkawi Trip (30/7-2/8)

Finally, Lali and I got our very own vacation unexpectedly. I didn’t think twice when Lali came up with the plan. It was suppose to be the family day of KKM but we sketched our own plan and thanks a million to “abang” for giving up his space for me…*wink*….We just couldn’t believe that we will be spending 2 adventurous days in the Langkawi Island. We had always wanted to go for a holiday but this was really a jackpot.

We planned it all well and book our air flights much in advance and were looking forward for the day like a child. Lali had to fly from KL and I had to fly from Penang. We agreed to take the first available flight and wait for each other faithfully in the Langkawi Airport till the other arrives.

Lali was the first to arrive as her flight was brought forward to 7.30am from 8.30am. I only arrived at 9.15am. We had breakfast at the airport itself and then planned what to do next. A Kancil for two days costs us only RM100.00. We took the offer and off we went on our adventure.

The managed our way to Langkawi Geopark and that’s where the cable car and the Scenic Bridge are. The cable car was an exhilarating experience, we were kinda nervous in the beginning but soon got used to it. The view was just breathtaking. Beautiful skies, clean sea and the surrounding flora was just amazing.

Scenic bridge was another thrilling experience. Mind you, the bridge is not at all still. It swings a little when the wind blows. At first I thought there was an earthquake, how silly! Well, it was really unexpected. It was a worth while place to visit. Forget about your fears and worries. Just go up and enjoy yourself. Forget about work and stress, the gentle wind will blow away your worries.

We had quick lunch at Kuah and then went SHOPPING…….how could we resist!! We spent hours window shopping. We decided to look around first then purchase the next day. It was really fun.

We made a minor blunder by going to the wrong motel….embarasing…both names sounded alike… We were suppose to goto Tanjung Mali but ended up at Mali Best. Damn, we even terrorized the receptionist and screwed her for not taking down our reservation. Then it all came to sense when they asked was it Mali Best or Tanjung Mali. Malu..malu….we apologized and drove another 1km to Tg. Mali. We were laughing away…giggling at our silliness….

Nothing much to comment about the room. It was clean and it came with two queen sized bed! The bathroom was really dirty but we managed somehow.

We had the chance to watch the “GOA” movie shooting which took place just a few hotels away. The crew were friendly and it was east to snap photos with them. They were not too fussy about it and we too were very calm and did not show much eagerness in that matter. Control macho-lah konon. Oh yeah, about the crew, it was the same gang which was in Chennai 28 and Saroja. Venkat Prabhu was the most matured and soft spoken of all and the most “bombastic” was Premji- “Enna kodumei sarr”. I think it's him who keep the team lively with his jokes.We didn’t quite took note of the heroine.

The following day was all shopping and this time we our purchases. We also made a quick visit to the Yatch Jetty. Datuk Azhar's sailing boat was at display there. He went around the world with it. Wonder how he managed? He would have been a dwarf in the giant sea.

Though we didn’t go to many places we still enjoyed ourselves. The cozy walk at the beach and the sightseeing was really a stress reliever. The Kancil was a faithful companion, didn’t let us down. Everything went on smooth and were safe home.

This will forever be our memory. Woo hoo I am going for a vacation in August again…… ;)

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