Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Penang Floral Fest 2009

It was the usual Friday (05.06.2009), yet it wasn't the usual "relax mode" Friday. We had meetings, one after one. The same morning, we (Gomathi, Rabikha, Vicky and I) had planned to rush to Botanical Gardens right after work. How unfortunate, we got stuck in a meeting till 5.40pm. The last 15 minutes in the meeting had been really restless for us. We had been glancing to each others watch endlessly.

The moment we got out of the meeting, we did not wait longer. Took our stuffs, cleared our desks and dashed out of the office. Getting a lift from 10th floor had always been our disadvantage. Moreover when we were in a hurry.

Anyway, all that did not matter. What mattered most was getting there on time and hopefully no jam since it was a Friday.

I didn't had the time for touch-up as I drove. I was kinda jealous of my friends who got to sit comfortably and touch up while I was under stress of getting all of us to the destination on time.!!! *SIGH*. But their lively chat kept me steady driving us to the destination. At least it kept my mind away from the congestion.

With four ladies in a car, what more is to be expected? Off course, there were gossips, exchanging of comments….and more gossips. We were giggling and laughing insanely throughout the journey. Hey! Come on after all it was Friday.

Floral Fest was a place for plant enthusiasts as well as nature lovers. Although we didn’t make much purchase, we had a wonderful time viewing different types of plants and flowers exhibited. It was indeed a breathtaking view especially after a hard day at work. Really was a stress reliever.

A lot of orchids and bonsais were on sale. Probably some of the best to cultivate in a tropical weather country like Malaysia. We noticed there had been bonsai competitions as well. This was clear as those plants had prize numbers tagged to them. It must have taken a lot of patience and hard work to nurture a bonsai plant.

We managed to walk around viewing as much as possible before the closing time 7 pm.

Well, so much for all the fun we had, we had to endure 2 hours traffic congestion at the Coastal Highway. Traffic was almost standstill. Anyway, that’s all together another story. Just another daily battle which we had got used to. Never mind about that, most important was we had good time.
(ps: sight of a fullmoon at the exhibition....beautiful...)
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