Monday, June 15, 2009

Devi's Farewell Dinner

Last Tuesday, was indeed a sad dinner gathering for the four of us as one of our friend, Devi is leaving to India for good. She was our colleague from our former workplace and we had basically known each other for about 4 years now.

Dr. Hisham, Vicky, Devi and I somehow managed to plan this dinner in such a short time. We had dinner at Karaikudi, Market Street. Food was simply delicious and we had a good time catching up with old stories.

Off course at the end of the day, when we were about to depart we couldn't hold our tears. Devi had always been the loud and tough friend we ever knew. We had always shared alot of special moments together.

We wish her best of luck in her new endeavours. We will miss you Devi.

Famous Sizzling Brownie @ Karaikudi Restaurant (not to be missed)

The Three Angels- Vicky, Devi and I

Dr. Hisham and I

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