Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Global Indian Fair 2009

I had wanted to write so much about my last trip to KL but time was such a factor. One thing and another came up and it had delayed this part of the blog way too much.

It was one fine morning when we (Gomathy, Vicky, Geetha and I) were having breakfast and suddenly talked about this Global Indian Fair. Gomathy actually came up with this crazy idea. That is to drive to KL rite after work on Friday and come home on Sunday. It was a brilliant idea and there was a month more to go before the GIF. That kept us very much motivated and made us pull through the tough weeks that came by. We were all in the midst of the preparing MQA documentations. One who is in educational line will know how disturbing preparing MQA document is and how much it takes away your peace of mind.

As days drew closer and the advertisement was all over THR Raaga and Vanavil, our curiosity became stronger. Finally we decided to take an early morning bus from BM so that we would have the whole of Saturday to “shop”. As for the accommodation, we booked the Heritage Hotel. It was the old KTM building which was partly converted to a hotel.

It was a rainy Saturday morning. Bus was scheduled at 7.30am and indeed left Juru Rest Area at the without much delay. Everything went on smoothly. Journey to KL was good. It was indeed a calm morning. Highway was really clear. It was the beginning of 2 weeks school holiday and we were anticipating for the highway to be clogged by holiday goers. Thank GOD, it was otherwise. Probably the madness of the holiday goers ended last night itself. The typical Malaysian attitude - “kiasu”. That must have ridden them to start their journey on Friday itself.

We reached Duta Toll exactly at 11.15am. Pani, my sis, fetched us from us. We had early lunch at Seetharam’s at Bangsar. Checked in to Heritage Hotel right after lunch. Well, about Heritage Hotel, it was formerly the KTM building which was converted to a hotel. It certainly doesn’t look new but the room was clean. Oh yeah, not to forget it’s ancient lift. That was certainly the most ancient lift I have ever seen in my life. You could see almost everything from inside the lift. It was quiet scary for the first time but eventually we got used to it. I have included some photos of the lift.

Room was clean and neat. It wasn’t anything like a superstar hotel. I would say it was value for
money, triple sharing was for RM105/nite with breakfast. It had heater and an AC which was not too cool. All in all, I would give the hotel a 6/10. More can be done to the hotel especially when it is located in the centre of the town.

We rushed to Pudu to secure our return tickets for the next day and dashed to Midvalley like a bunch of crazy women. We spent about 5 hours scavenging through items at the fair yet we only covered about ¾ of the booths. There were loads of stuffs from India but what attracted me the most were the wedding packages. Good bargains.

Imitation jewelries were such an attention grabbers. We couldn’t resist but to try on as many jewelries as possible. Of course they cost an arm and a leg. So we just took pride in trying them on by telling the traders that we would make a round and come back. Which obviously we didn’t. lol :p

The very same day, we took the opportunity to go to Tengku Kelana, Klang. I would say that was the fastest drive there. Federal Highway was extremely free. It took us only 30mins from Mid Valley. That trip was more to accompanying Pani’s friend to purchase a saree. Purchase was done. Dinner taken at “Mohana’s Bistro”.

Tengku Kelana, gosh….it always brings back so much of memories to me. Especially when we parked right infront of the Murugan Temple. I have always enjoyed the stroll along TK. Those brightly lit shops and Tamils songs blasting away, competing with each other with the latest songs in the cine field as part of marketing strategy. Smell of jasmine flower and incense, raising ones inner strength. All of those make me feel so “Indian” every time I am at TK and also Market Street, Penang.

By the time we reached our room it was already past midnight. Of course we didn’t stop there, ladies being ladies. We had to continue talking and making a complete review of whatever took place that day. We decided to go back to Mid Valley the next morning. Finally we dozed off at an unknown time.

The next morning, right after breakfast we took the commuter to Mid Valley. Heck, it only cost
us RM1.00 each from KTM station to Mid Valley station. This time at Mid Valley we wasted no time and very quickly scavenged whatever we missed out yesterday. We went back for the “masala tea” again today. Oh, yeah not to forget, we had two rounds of “masala tea” at the fair yesterday. It only cost RM1.00 per cup. Not only it was cheap but it really tasted good. After making whatever purchase that was needed, we grabbed a quick lunch at the food court and took a taxi to Puduraya.

Journey home was a noisy one, as we couldn’t resist talking and exchanging comments of the activities that took place. I think we were the noisiest one in the bus. By the time I reached home it was already 7pm. Still early I thought. He he….I still had plenty of time to wash my clothes and show my parents what I had bought.

Can’t wait for the next GIF. We will make the most of that too. Next year, GIF 2010 we shall “terrorize” again. Now, it is back to MQA and I feel my stress revel rising again.

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