Monday, May 4, 2009

Memories to Last...

Last Friday was a public holiday as it was Labour Day. I took that opportunity to get out of the island. I could say even on Thursday nite PLUS highway was heavilly congested with north bound vehicles.

Thank God, I was heading south but then I realised it was not much difference. Only when I reached the toll at Ipoh Utara I realised there were reasonable number of cars although it was past midnite.

Journey was smooth. Except that, I realised that express busses were driven on high speed on the highway. It was very clear that they are not driving at 90km/h. At one point, just after the Ipoh Selatan toll, I was already at 120km/h and there was this express bus which came in high speed behind me flashing its headlights. The bus must have been at like 130 km/h or more. I hate that.

I gave him way but I horned at him a few times so that his passengers are awaken. I am pretty sure his passengers are all fast asleep. It was really scarry for me seeing busses go in such high speed.

I wonder what the authorities are doing. I am very sure the driver has lots of summons or sorts of that. Darn....

Port Dickson had always been a place I consider calm and less hectic. Indeed it was. Weather was scorching hot. I could feel the heat even as I sat at the verandah. Still that did not stop me from going to the beach.

I regret leaving my camera back home. How could I be so careless. All I managed to snap was the Sepang F1 circuit from a distance on my way back home. *Sigh* It was not too bad actually. At least something to remember.

Time sure flies. I am now back to office with lingering memories of the past weekend. Back to reality, back to papers again. But I am glad that I'm stuck with work as that indicates I still have a job and I am paid.....And I can afford for more get aways....He He...I am terribly stuck with work yet I found the time to blog....bug?? Now, I can't wait for the weekend. As I have more activities lined up. Till then I will keep BUGGING.... blogging I mean...

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