Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wesak Day (09.05.2009)

Last weekend was a double celebration, Chithirai Pournami or "Mini Thaipusam" and Wesak Day. The usually congested island became worst especially around Pulau Tikus and Kebun Bunga areas.

I have made plans with Dr. Hisham earlier on that week to "lepak" in Penang and check out the float procession. I knew he would agree but what worried me was he kept on giving me different times and was afraid he might cancel it at the last minute. Finally he said he will be in Penang at 5pm.

At about 2pm it started raining heavily. That worried me more, and I wondered how bad the jam is going to be and will we make it on time to see the float procession. I think the rain was a cleansing process before the procession starts. Indeed it was as it stopped about 4pm and it was sunny again. Dr.H arrived about 30minutes earlier than the said 5pm. I was still struggling with my hair at that point.!!!! ggggrrrrrrrr........

Anyway, I'm glad we made it on time to Burma Road as most roads were still not closed by the authorities. What was more exciting was that, we managed to park just along Perak Road and that was the shortest search for a parking lot.

We found a good spot just in front of CRC along Burma Road, which happened to be the starting point for the procession. Beautiful floats passed before us. Really breath taking view.
I think the last Wesak Day I ever celebrated was like about 3 years ago. Damn glad, that I managed to visit not one but two Buddhist temples and witness the procession as well.

Penang CM walked past us too!!!

We were sure lucky in that sense as everything was so easy and manageable.

I am still waiting for the photos from Dr. Hisham so that I can upload some on my blog.

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