Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thai Ponggal 2013

Payasam with "elakai"

Ponggal Lunch, Vadai, Ponggal and Payasam (not forgetting the "elakai" sigh!)

It was indeed a sweet Thai Ponggal. Why? Hmmm maybe because...hmmm maybe because it signifies the beginning of new things? Or maybe because I know once this is over, then next would be Thaipusam? Maybe I was happy that I got a bowl full of payasam which had cardamom seeds? Or maybe simply because I know why but I am not acknowledging it.  Perhaps! Perhaps!

Whatever it was, or why ever it was, I am happy. I may have not acknowledged it directly to the party involved but I am sure old buddies need not explanation. Just as the saying goes "One who understands will not need explanation, The one who seeks explanation, will never understand!!".

I am sure, it belongs to the former category! I was  happy. Infact my colleagues commented that I was glowing! Guess, it is the work of the supplements and also the snail skin care. LoL guess it was more than that :)) Well, frankly I am glad that I still have the same respect and remembered for the good stuff from the party after all this year. That alone was good to make me feel good. What more can a woman ask? At least me, that is all I ask for. It is good that certain things got clarified.

I always believe, life is short and good memories keep people intact. Memories are unspoken language between two hearts. Happy was my heart as it burst out thousands of fireflies, that those memories never faded. It is not how we lived, but how we live!!

Damn, what am I blabbering in my Thai Ponggal post? This got to have a separate post. Lol, by this little egoistic heart always wants to play it low and hide the significance.  

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