Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy New Year 2013

Oppss....I have been missing in action again since October. Ahh, no I won't be giving reasons, because it would be so lame! And at the same time I don't want to  promise too, as I guess I had done that before...he he..

Lets see, today is my last working day. I would be back to work only on 2 January 2013. Not that I have tonnes of things to do, but its the "kiasu-ness" in me to settle it all by today. Ha ha...

A quick run down the memory lane of 2012 -

a) Did some crazy and interesting stuffs with my lady friends. Really crazy, like went for marathon movies in the same done that before

b) Met some interesting and cunning characters, didn't knew such people existed! I have lived in a cocoon, thinking that people say the truth about themselves all the times! LoL. How naive can I be. Now I have come to accept people and their ways.

c)  Some blind dates, well nothing striked maybe because I had being too cautious. I just cannot afford to make mistakes about this one, at this point of my life!!

d) Holidays, yay, my time for myself. Thanks to my travel mates :))

e) Lots of movies. Enjoyed them all. Even watched an animation on big screen. Animations were never my favorite. 

f) There is still a couple of days left ..he he...ya ya I am being naughty now. Ha ha...

People may not think so, well it what they think and I don't care. I know I had and still am a good daughter. We all make mistakes, but harping on the past and judging a person for a mistake they have done in long run doesn't help. Won't help. Everyone must learn to let go, including me!! I had, but will they?? Again, how would one let go when there is a "poison pen" around. Always, poking and scribbling, tearing the wound again and again!??

Overall, it had been a good year. Or rather I would say, I made it look like one :)

Resolutions for  next year? Yes I do have. This time serious and workable ones. I am sure it would work. 

Anyway, it is time for me to look at myself and say, "Move on, I have a life too". I will make lots of changes this new year, this time for good!

Happy New Year everyone.  God Bless.

~Life is a BoX of ChoColates~


  1. Hey chipmunk, how are you pal? how is your life and your family? Why did you escape just like that? Even its a short period of our time, moments are unforgettable. You are always in a hurry! Hope you are doing great Twinkle. Wish you happy and great new year 2013. TC. Kamal.

  2. mail me if you have time

  3. Hey, thanks for your comments. I just thought and felt like being invisible for sometime, that's all. I am in a hurry, yeah rite. Guess that is more of you :)


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