Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Meendum Kokila - Chinnanchiru Vayathil Enakkor Chithi...

"ullaththil vaiththirundhum naanoar oomaiyaip poalirundhaen" 

 Guess the line above says it all, why I hadn't written a single post for the last 2.5 months! Even the kiasu me didn't bother about IndiRank. It was at 85 in February and now it had dipped to 36!! Never it had gone this low all these years!! Perhaps my blog had been a casualty of my own doings! Too many things happened! I've always believed what people say without much questions. A weakness? Perhaps, it's just that I have trust on what is said to me and the person overall. Everyone deserves a chance, me too!! Why do I have to be an exception? I will take my chances and move on!! Maybe, I should allow myself to listen to my heart too at times. After all, I realised that I have a heart and it feels too!!

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