Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V Day just another Tuesday

Another V-Day, that mean one whole year had gone and it's celebrating everything all over again.  Finally, I am able to scribble a post in my blog after a long absence. Hey, not AWOL though! Just that work had taken a new turn and made me spend more time struggling there then have time for anything at all besides it!

Let's see, CNY is over, it is V-Day today and for me it is just another day. It is Tuesday and a working day, that's how I see today.  Somehow, before the day ends I hope to post wishes to some of my good buddies via FB! Thank GOD for FB! If not for FB I would have lost lots of poeple in my life and they would have just remained a name in my life! I am just terrible in keeping in touch. Or the fact is, I would love to be quiet and go unnoticed.

Now, I can actually safely conclude that my V-Day date will be none other than FB! And thank God for that too cos :-

a) It is safe (for me, the furher the better ;))
b) The is no need to acknowledge how I feel (I hate involving feelings. Not anymore)
b) No arguments
c) No conflict of interests
d) No tears
e) I get what I wanted
f) If I needed second opinion, I could bug those who were online at that time!
g) I get E-Roses, which I could admire and not worry about the sentimental values of it, storage ;)
h) I get E-Chocolates and again I could have all I want and not worry about the calories ;)

Hmmmm reality is, a real human touch certainly makes a difference ;) Ok, I am not saying anything here....LOL.....I just want to enjoy the day as every other day.


  1. Well,Valentines Day on Tuesday sucks. I agree it is the "touch" that makes the difference. Anyway have e-Fun today :)

  2. Thanks for the vote Zach and Tuesday or no Tuesday, it is just another day for me ;) Have a good V Day.


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