Friday, February 17, 2012

How Can I??

I don't, I can't,
And I won't, Shouldn't!
I am sure, It won't happen.
Even if it does, can't allow!! 
Hug and caress you, I don't.
Kiss and touch you, I never.
Never wish to cuddle you
I don't want you
In my arms.
Damn, yet why do I trust you,
and I miss you as much.
And I remember you even more.
Sometimes and whenever
I am down and breaking down.
I look forward for you in vain
Just to pour my thoughts
And not so really secrets with you.
I cannot imagine
How it would be
With and without you.
HHmmmm physically apart
But close to my heart.
Even closer to my mind!
But I don't and I can't.
How could I?
The wall may
Have to be stronger
The fencing may
have to be taller.
How? How do I??
Can I ever?
When I had given it away
Long Long ago!!

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