Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year 2012

Wow!! 12 months, 365 days and 8760 hours gone!!! And that's super fast!! Is the world spinning that fast these days or is it just us, humans who wants to have everything quick and fast! Hence, even days become shorter!!!!

Oh my, it was just as if yesterday I waved good bye to  2010 and welcomed 2011 with my buddy in KL. It is now time to welcome 2012. Super fast!!! This year had been a beautiful year for me with a handful of events, both ups and down. Nothing so bad that I was not able to handle! Didn't quite had any personal resolutions for this year but did achieved a few things. Maybe somethings are better not planned. Let it happen when it happens! :) 

A couple of holidays in and out of Malaysia. Managed to settle my study loan in full!! Started eating healthy and been taking better care of my health!! (Not really, I just got discharged from hospital). Enjoyed wonderful moments with family and friends. Made some new friends and kept in touch with old friends ( I am terrible with keeping in touch. Lazy I suppose!!) Watched a few movies in the cinema, some dinner dates and lots of  blogging, facebook-ing and twitting ;) lol!!! What more with my BB smartphone. I am praticaly on the go all times,

So overall, been a pleasant year for me, or should I say, I made it a pleasant one as I had been in control of whatever I wanted to take place. Sigh, yes..yes..yes..some were beyond my control. he he...

As for 2012, again I don't think I have any resolutions. Or maybe I just don't want to admit having ONE!! Well lets see ;)
What to look forward in 2012 - Certainly, the whole nation is looking forward for the 13th GE!!!! Lots of hush-hush going around that the PM may call for a snap elections next year. I am earger waiting for it to happen to. TIME for a CHANGE!!! In 2008 HINDRAF came is as a force for the current change so now, would there be another force as such for another change?? Got to wait and watch!! 

Personally, I have something to check and balance to be done in Jan 2012. Again, whatever will be, will be!!I will do it with confidence.

Alrite, it is like the last day of work for the year. Had a good time at the party. Won a lucky prize too. Sony Ericson smartphone. Wow, starting the year with a BANG!

Hope 2012 brings more peace and luck to me and to everyone.

Happy New Year and God Bless!!!

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