Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Just a Colour

“It’s just a colour”, I whispered, more of an attempt to convince me myself actually. But that is what that has been bothering me. Annoying too! Why does it have to be the same colour all the time? Or is it just me who’s been too paranoid about it? Do others see him the same way? Perhaps they see him in more colours than I do, but is that possible? Oh God, if they do and I don’t, does that mean I am categorically colour blind?

I dare not ask anyone about the man in green as I’m afraid I might stir the hornet’s nest. My questions could also break the many years of tradition and acceptance. Shall it not shatter the beliefs and norms of the society towards the man in green? “But why?” It’s all I ask myself again and again as I scratched my not so itchy forehead. Just like a silly child who would ask her mother thousands of “whys” only to be shut in the end with a candy.
The rainbow has seven colours. My lips curved a cheeky smile with that thought. Seven colours, seven days in a week – so, why doesn’t he turn in rotation of such colours? That would be different. Metamorphosis doesn’t need to be in green only. My mind began to transmute him in seven different colours. Just like a slide, one after another. Somehow, my mind now refuses to see him in other colours. All though literally I tried imagining him in other colours, it’s only green I see. My thought’s been clouded with nothing else but only green. “Ahh…” Again, it’s just a colour. What is in an exterior look anyway?
Maybe green is his colour. It’s probably meant for him, just him. He’s televised to be so extraordinary in such a common colour. Lovable and seekable by all.  I gulped my hot Milo, along with it the questions too. Buried them like a turtle’s egg for now, which would soon surface in due time. Slowly my hand reached for the remote control and selected the Star Movies channel.
“It’s ok, it’s just a colour”, I sighed at the sight of the half-naked green hulk running after a thug. “Kids, Incredible Hulk had started”, I yelled on top of my voice, as though I’m finally convinced. My mind could now decipher what my eyes see. 

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