Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday,Tremor and Panic!!

Two quakes hit Sumatra, tremors felt in S'gor, Malacca, Perak, NS, Putrajaya, KL

It happened just as I feared! I missed wishing my best buddy at stroke of midnite!! Arrgghh!!

I had been down with terrible migraine since yesterday evening. The pain was so unbearable that I popped in a pain killer and went to bed. In fact I was confident that I would wake up once the reminder rings. Well, nothing of such happened. I dozed off soundly and completely didn't hear the reminder! It was 6.15am when I actually woke up. It was more sickening when there was an sms from her, "Thank you for your birthday wish."!! I smelt sarcasm and mockery in it! Damn, I broke the tradition!! Whilst on bed I send her a birthday wish, no apologies though, pretending to be all was fine. That was panic No.1. Miraculously my morning journey was traffic free. Thus I reached office much earlier. Without wasting much time, called my buddy and wished her. As we were talking, she hung up abruptly. That annoyed me but then later I got to know from her that there was a tremor and she had to evacuate the building immediately. No casualities. Thank God!

Panic No.2

What always seemed like an ordinary mid-morning turned chaotic! Practically everyone at Level 10 rushed out of their rooms. The building swayed! I thought my pressure was low, hence the dizziness. Actually, it was the tremor. Did what I had to do. Headed to the fire exit door and rushed down!!

Wow!! I was amazed at how fast I actually went down the stairs from Level 10 with my colleague Bika! It really seemed like a never ending journey to the ground floor. Bika said, I was really fast! And I was not even gasping for air or looked tired running down 10floors. Ha ha...fear I suppose!!

What surprised me was that, it was only the 10th floor people who ran berserk!! The rest of the people were at their station. Was that a sign? Are we too sensitive? Well, whatever it was I am glad it all ended well.

Meantime, my buddy Lali, had to run down thrice from her office building. As the aftershock tremors came in waves. !! What a birthday ;)

Well, Happy Birthday Lali. May God Bless you always and forever! Love you lots.

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