Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Litttle rain would do some mercy!!

Weather snap shot tells it all. SIGH!! Rain, please have some mercy on us! Wind, you too please show us some kindness. Your absence are our affecting our presence now! Humidity level is high that it feels like basking in luke warm sauna. Free sauna is ok but it's kinda getting out of hand now!! I like sunny days, no doubt, but heatwaves? That's a big NO!

The heat is unbearable, inside and outside. It feels like being in an oven! Or rather, feeling cooked past few days. So today I decided to seek refuge in office. No lunch outing. I just grabbed whatever I could munch from the cafe. It  didn't taste as bad as I thought it would be ;) Well, beggars can't be choosers, that's the line I'm held hostage to now!

I could hardly look outside with my bare eyes. It glares too much that I can't help but to squint my eyes.Driving without my sunglasses is a NO-NO!! The unexplainable scorching heat and glaring brightness triggers migraine and a host of other problems in me. Lethargic settles in comfortably! Dehydration too sets in. Well, I am not alone as most of my colleagues too feel the same way. 

I no longer use the heater to bath because the water from the tank is already WARM!! My pet dog, on another hand spills her drinking water on the floor and lazes on it! The cats and kittens too join. Heck, this is one time where they are good to each other! Other days, need I say more? ;)

I wonder how many days more to endure this? Is it salvageable? Should I just move on like the others but keep on complaining? Complaining gives me the strength to face this scenario actually. Hmm at the moment I could only look at the sea and hope for a little miracle in the form of rain!


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  1. Thats very sad Ranjini.. we too have been facing heat for a long time now and waiting for the rains too.. though rains will make life else messy here i think we all are just waiting for the heatwaves and sweat to make way for a cool breeze and the misty smell of the sand...


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