Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Day I Met You.....

The day I saw you

The world went crazy,

The moment I met you

Everything went upside down,

When I spoke to you

The world went silent,

When you hold my hand

Electricity flow over the band,

When our eyes met

I saw stars everwhere,

The moment you kissed me

I was out of this planet,

Will I meet you again?

Will you wait for me?

Please answer me.

The day I met you

The world went crazy!!!


  1. thats a lovely poem Ranjini.. like this line in particular..

    The moment you kissed me
    I was out of this planet

    good going girl..

  2. Perhaps you shall.. :) The poem is over a year old, so maybe you already have too? ;) Lovely verse..

  3. Thanks Hemal. Thanks Leo.
    Actually Leo, this poem is 18 years old! Time flies :)


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