Friday, January 14, 2011

STRANGE!! but the dream was just too real, so much so, I didn't want to get up this morning. Although I was awakened by the alarm at 5.45am, I was able to continue the dream after I re-set the time to 6.15am!  Woke up a little dazed but the scent that accompanied triggered me that  it was not just a dream! I knew I wasn't just dreaming then. It was really beautiful and REAL. How I wish the dream never ended but continued and better still become reality! 

Again, I wonder, was that a sign?A sign that signals things will be back to normal. But how? It's been years and throughout that years not a single communication or contact! Ok ok, minus all the secretly checking out stuff. I can't help that one ok!! 

Every song reminded of those golden days, every loving scenes in the movie reminded of those romantic moments, every beautiful words reminded of the scented words uttered and every tender moves reminded of those gentle brushes! Perhaps the feeling's mutual, here and there! But the distance? Hmm again, what is distance when the hearts are as close as the letters "U" and "I" on the keyboard!

I am not one who would remember dreams. Usually they are forgotten the moment I wake up. But this was one of those dreams which is still so fresh in my mind. It makes me feel good. Induces my hormones and makes serotonin rush! I was smiling all my way to work this morning. Drove more passively but happily.

Heck, I even could remember the conversations in the dream. Promised me in the dream that would come back! One thing for sure is that, I am not at all confused with the dream! I know now, I am on he right path! I am normal! Things would look better! 
This dream had given me a new dimension of confidence and hope to move on. Definitely it is not fake!

Hmmm I could still feel the warmth and the coziness of the dream.


  1. good writing.. keep writing..

  2. Hey Vall, thank. It's not just writing but I really had a wonderful loving dream!! :D I told you just now in FB ;)

  3. Hey.. you forgot to give this excellent post a title!!!

    A sign that signals things will be back to normal??.. surely..definitely.. 100%

    All is WELL!!!

  4. Hey Shri, thanks for pointing it to me! How did I missed giving a title for this one?!! Hmmm thanks for your positive words :D


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